I LOVE days like this

I spent the day organizing a Real Estate client, one of our specialties. Our client works in a Resort town, and real estate is booming right now. You’ve not met a busier person than a resort town Realtor. Its utter chaos! SO much information, so many moving parts that it makes ME feel the stress. After many conversations and lots of delays we have finally created a master workflow plan! I am so excited.

A Realtor’s Workflow – The Database

Today we eliminated duplicated manual entries in multiple systems. I configured a plug-in for our Realtor’s email inbox; one-click adds to the email address to her brand spanking new CRM. The CRM that we’ve selected is absolutely brilliant for keeping in touch with clients – a perfect fit for this industry. Our CRM then works it’s magic – an automated data aggregation tool – populating Contacts with loads of bio info available across the internet…you know the stuff you used to do by hand. It also adds an email magnet so no more filing into Outlook folders. All information captured in one location. Next I added more automation with a 2-way sync between the CRM and Mailchimp. BAM. 3 systems synced, linked and automated by one click.

A Realtor’s Workflow – Document Management

In fairness my client has been wise enough to utilize cloud storage. I implemented a simpler approach to her filing, making folders far easier to navigate and eliminating scrolling through years of inactive records.

A Realtor’s Workflow – Business In The Cloud

Now we already have QuickBooks Online on autopilot for our Realtor. Over time working with very successful Realtors, we’ve created some pretty great reporting on the information that they need to make decisions. With today’s implementations our end result is a 100% conversion to the cloud which allows for syncing across the system. Every app talks to the “eco-system”, a custom built workflow integrating email, CRM, social media, blog, Mailchimp, document storage, and more.  “In the Cloud” also means her system is mobile; every bit of this business is now 100% accessible from my client’s smartphone….no matter how crazy the day, no matter where she is, no matter how many calls she is juggling…she is carrying her entire office in her hand.

Time Far Better Spent

I’ve simplified my clients life, condensed where she spends her efforts, and automated things that she previously spent hours on. This is how I earn my living, and now she can spend more of her time earning her living. This is what makes the small business world go ’round!

Now..if only I can get her to snap photos of her receipts. We’ll save that for next week.
“I love technology” – Kip Dynamite

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